4 Stages To Do Hardwood Floor Refinishing Correctly

When considering hardwood floor refinishing, homeowners have to know that along with planning and patience and skill, they ought to have specialized equipment as well. Out of all the projects for home improvement that any homeowners can take, this is something that needs research, knowledge and time. You will go through different steps or stages that include preparing, evaluating, sanding as well as sealing your hardwood floors. Check out  http://edspaintingandremodeling.com/#!kitchen-cabinet-refinishing to get started.

Even a slight touch of mistake is more than enough to cause problems that may last for a long time in any of the said stages or steps. Yes, you can refinish the entire hardwood flooring alone but, it is wise that you get some help at some parts. It takes 1 to 3 weeks to carry out refinishing for such type of flooring.

Step 1. Checking the hardwood floor - you'll have to determine whether or not the hardwood floor planks will be a laborious process. You have to assess if the floor suffered from water, pet urine or spills. In an effort to see if the boards are very thin to be sanded, you can pull up one threshold of the door. In addition to that, it is vital that you find out if the last sealant was varnish, wax or polyurethane. You have to examine the hardwood flooring to be able to see if they have deep gouges or dramatic wear patters.

Step 2. Preparing the flooring - just before you perform hardwood floor refinishing, you've got to prepare the floor first. If most of the hardwood planks don't have scratches or holes, are at least 3/4 inches thick and have same amount of sealant, then you're all set to start with the preparation.

First thing that you've got to do is clean the whole floor area. You also have to file any holes from nails, staples or scrapes. Moreover, you will have to pull up the baseboards and the thresholds too. You need to do all the floors to keep it consistent even if one of the floors not looks good.

Step 3. Sanding - without a doubt, this step is the most demanding and the most daunting that you would do. You'll have to rent a drum sander equipment, it's loud to use and you have to roll it on the entire hardwood flooring 3x to be able to peel off the top layer of the finish.

Step 4. Staining and sealing - just before you start with this step, you must ensure that every bit of sawdust is gone so it doesn't contaminate the sealing and staining applications. You need to seal it with thin layer of sealant to be certain that the stain is dry before application once you are done staining the flooring.

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